Explore Hon Kho

Hon Kho Island is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Quy Nhon City in Binh Dinh province and is an ideal destination for many travelers whenever they visit the martial land of Binh Dinh.

Overview of Hon Kho Island

This island boasts incredibly pristine landscapes. Amidst rocky mountain peaks reaching out to the sea, there are several smooth, alluring sandy beaches. There is hardly any residential population on the island.

When exploring Quy Nhon, discovering the serene Hon Kho Island is a must-do.

On Hon Kho Island, there are two spots catering to tourists for food and freshwater bathing: one run by Mr. Le Hai’s family and the other by the Youth Union of Nhon Hai commune.

According to Mr. Le Hai, during the summer, Hon Kho Island can welcome up to 200 visitors a day. Visitor numbers are lower during rough sea seasons. Typically, each visiting group consists of fewer than 20 people.

Diving is the most exciting activity on Hon Kho.

Visitors usually rent boats to the island to experience beach activities and coral diving, which costs around 350,000 Vietnamese dong per trip. Along with lunch services and freshwater bathing expenses, the average cost per visitor is relatively low, approximately 130,000 Vietnamese dong.

When planning a trip to Hon Kho without a tour, it’s advisable to rent a small boat from fishermen for a round trip at around 200,000 Vietnamese dong.

Typically, each meal on Hon Kho Island consists of 8 to 9 dishes, depending on visitors’ requests.

These dishes are made from the freshest and most delicious seafood from the sea here, such as tuna, barramundi, grouper, sea bass, and various other shellfish and crustaceans.

Exciting activities not to miss when visiting Hon Kho:

In recent years, Hon Kho Island has become a popular Quy Nhon tourist spot due to its unique entertainment activities such as coral diving, fishing, squid fishing, and swimming. Additionally, visitors can simply take a stroll around the island, capturing the most impressive natural images.

Hon Kho – a new destination in Central Vietnam tourism.

Services like swimming and coral diving are favored by many visitors when coming to Hon Kho.

This abundant island features coral reefs close to the shore, with depths of about 1 to 2 meters and a wide variety of marine creatures. Thus, equipped with a life jacket and snorkeling goggles, tourists can explore the vast and colorful coral ocean, witnessing schools of fish swimming joyfully.

For non-swimmers or those less interested in diving activities, visitors can set up tents, camp, and enjoy leisure time right on the flat, golden sandy beaches.

When touring Quy Nhon, if you have ample time to visit Hon Kho Island, take a leisurely stroll around the island. Surely, you’ll be conquered by the magnificent beauty of the mountain ranges, the wild and unique features of nature on this island.

Exciting activities not to miss when visiting Hon Kho:

Snorkeling at Hon Kho.

Exploring Hon Kho Island at night might grant lucky visitors the chance to witness up close the fascinating activities of sea turtles “coming ashore.”

Moreover, the Hương Mai Pagoda, situated in Nhon Hai commune, is renowned for its many Arhat statues, monumental Buddha statues, and is a captivating destination for many tourists.

Additionally, visitors can indulge in fishing, immersing themselves in the tranquil sea and sky.

When touring Quy Nhon, visiting Hon Kho Island, don’t forget to prepare a camera to capture the most magnificent moments amidst the pristine and stunning nature here.

Do you want to discover new and exciting tourist destinations and experience various activities at sea? Don’t miss the chance to visit Hon Kho Island on your trip to Quy Nhon. Surely, this small yet beautiful and abundant island will make you want to return many times in the future.