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Casa Marina Resort Tourism Joint Stock Company

The Casa Marina Resort, situated in Ghềnh Ráng, just 10km from Quy Nhơn’s city center, is an enticing new destination boasting an extensive stretch of pristine beach bathed in sunlight. Designed with unique architecture and nestled in a tranquil environment, this resort promises a refreshing experience for travelers craving the embrace of the sea and the tranquility of nature. Spanning 1.5 hectares of land and hillsides, the resort comprises 56 rooms and villas offering various types of accommodations such as Deluxe rooms, Luxury rooms, Hillside Villas, and Beach Villas, all equipped with full amenities. Upon arrival at Casa Marina Resort, guests will be welcomed by a spacious lobby offering breathtaking ocean views, adjacent to a captivating dining area. The expansive swimming pool, featuring an ozone water treatment system and a relaxing Jacuzzi massage, provides the perfect spot for leisurely activities. Casa Marina Resort is an ideal destination for travelers to explore the unspoiled natural beauty, ancient cultural landmarks, and delightful seafood of the Bình Định region. It harmoniously blends mountain-sea landscapes and is renowned as the “land of martial arts and heaven of literature” in Vietnam.


Activities at Casa Marina Resort