Discovering Ky Co Island

Ky Co, situated approximately 25 kilometers from the city of Quy Nhon, in the island commune of Nhon Ly, possesses an untouched and pristine beauty. This destination remains largely unexploited in terms of tourism, preserving its natural wilderness.

To reach the boat, visitors must board small coracles or makeshift ferries, guided by local fishermen wading through the water to reach the boats located about 100 meters offshore.

The white sand harmonizes with the crystal-clear sea water, displaying various distinct shades.

Ky Co Island seen from above.

Venturing into the sea to discover new mysteries.

A natural lake formed by rocky cliffs and the sea waves.

The blend of water, sand, and sky renders Kỳ Co akin to a colorful natural painting. This beach is among the most beautiful ones visited by the Photography & Travel Club.

The long and silky white sandy beach, coupled with gentle waves, serves as an ideal destination for those seeking immersion in the pristine blue water.

Apart from swimming and having fun, we also engage in adventurous activities, climbing up the rocky cliffs and leaping into the sea.